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Install HydroServer Lite on Your Private Web Server

We have tested the installation of HydroServerLite 3.0 on Ubuntu 14.04 using the following commands in the terminal:

#install lamp
sudo apt-get install lamp-server^

#in the LAMP installation you'll be asked to enter a password for mysql root user. remember this password.

#install php5-mcrypt
sudo apt-get install php5-mcrypt
sudo php5enmod mcrypt && sudo service apache2 restart

#get the latest HydroServer Lite Files and then move them into the html folder
sudo apt-get install git
git clone ~/hydroserverlite
sudo mv ~/hydroserverlite /var/www/html/hydroserverlite

#setup the MySQL Database (instead of ROOT_PASSWORD use your real mysql root password!)
mysql --user=root --password=ROOT_PASSWORD --execute="CREATE DATABASE hydrodb;"
mysql --user=root --password=ROOT_PASSWORD --execute="CREATE USER 'hydrouser'@'localhost' identified by 'mypass';"
mysql --user=root --password=ROOT_PASSWORD --execute="grant all on hydrodb.* to hydrouser@localhost identified by 'mypass';"

#setup the HydroServer file permissions
cd /var/www/html/hydroserverlite
sudo chmod -R 777 application/config/installations
sudo chmod -R 777 application/language
sudo chmod -R 777 uploads

#Change the directory to where the sample_installation_file.txt is located
cd application/config/installations

#create the default installation file: replace the mysql username, mysql db name, and mysql password.
#note: instead of using sed you can also edit the sample_installation_file.txt in a text editor
#and save it as application/config/installations/default.php.
sudo sed -i 's/YOUR_DATABASE_USER_NAME/hydrouser/' sample_installation_file.txt
sudo sed -i 's/YOUR_MYSQL_DATABASE_NAME/hydrodb/' sample_installation_file.txt
sudo sed -i 's/YOUR_MYSQL_DATABASE_PASSWORD/mypass/' sample_installation_file.txt
sudo mv sample_installation_file.txt default.php

#now open the Firefox browser. In firefox, go to:

#enter the new HydroServer password for the user his_admin. For example you can use his_password.
#Select Setup Type: Basic
# Set "Use default database connection?" to Yes
# Set the Website Path to hydrodb.
# Set the Language Code to English, and enter the Organization's name, Parent Website's name, and Parent Website.
# Enter the Variable Code, Time Support, and UTCOffset.
# Click "Save Settings".
YOUR Private Linux HydroServer installation is complete!

See also the detailed installation tutorial. Updated November 1, 2012.

CUSTOM BANNERS: Once you have installed your HydroServer Lite software, you may want to replace the default banner with something customized for your site. You can replace the default banner file by uploading (through FTP or otherwise) a custom banner to replace this file: client/images/WebClientBanner.png. A free collection of 29 sample banners you can use or customize as needed is here. Make sure to rename the file as "WebClientBanner.png" before uploading it so that the software will find it.



Setup a HydroServer Lite on

Brigham Young University has participated in internationalizing and updating the code for HydroServer Lite. They provide an instance of HydroServer Lite to be used as a trial (a "sandbox") for new users to become familiar with the system at They also provide hosting capabilities on their server. Please use this step-by-step guide to set up an instance at the World Water Project at BYU.


Register Your HydroServer Lite on HIS Central

HIS Central is a catalogue of public websites (Hydroservers) with published hydrological and water quality data. When your organization’s HydroServer is registered at HIS Central, users from other schools and organizations can find it easily and compare your results with data from other organizations in your area.

The registration tutorial (pdf) shows step-by step registration.



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jirikadlec2 Mar 7, 2015 at 6:05 PM 
For HydroServer Lite version 3.0 the folders ../application/config/installations, ../application/language and ../uploads require read/write permissions.

ktarbet Oct 2, 2013 at 5:05 PM 
The application looks well developed. Nice work!

As a trial I installed on Centos 6.4 -- Virtual Machine.

The most curious part of installing/setup was a file ../client/main_config.php that seemed to require read/write privileges?

Here is a brief outline of my install process:

cd /var/www/html
mkdir his
cd his
cp ~ktarbet/Downloads/ .
chmod 666 /var/www/html/his/client/main_config.php

#yum install mysql-server
#yum install mysql
#yum install httpd
#yum install php
#yum install php-mysql

#service start httpd
#service mysqld start

mysql> create database hydro1;

mysql> create user 'hydro'@'localhost' identified by ‘mypass’;
mysql> grant all on hydro1.* to 'hydro'@'localhost';