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HydroServer for PHP ~ Project development Milestones !!

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Hydroserver Lite is a lightweight multi-platform version of Hydroserver that can run on Linux servers and on shared webhosting sites.

Tiffani, rohitkh, rburch, jirikadlec2 {5/22/2012 – 7/18/2012}


Develop a PHP web application with the following functions:
1) Adding, and uploading hydrological observation data to a MySQL ODM database from different locations using a web form interface.
2) Viewing the locations and data values using map, table and graph.

3) Editing existing hydrological observation data in the MySQL ODM database using a web form interface.

4) Managing users - administrator, teacher, student
5) Web service API (application programming interface) for reading and writing data values on the server by HydroDesktop and iPad.

Milestones for version 1 - June 18, 2012

Home Page (his/client) done

Navigation in sidebardone

User Management done

Add a new user done

Change user's password done

Change user's authority done

Remove existing user done

Database Management

Add a new Sitedone

Add Data values

Add a single value done

Add multiple valuesdone

View Data (accessible to public)

View sites in map done

Search by geographic location done

View site detailsdone

View data plot (graph) - single variable and method done

View data table done

Export data to CSV file done

WaterOneFlow web services for HydroDesktop, HIS Central and HydroExcel done

Detailed testing on the MOSS sitedone

Milestones for version 2 - July 18, 2012

Help Center (/his/client/help.php)

Link to Issue tracker on, Link to software download page (for deployment) done

Add explanation how to post an issue done

Integrate with the Wordpress blog

Integrate with login on the blog. User with blog login is logged in on the data explorer not required, separate project

Database Management

Manage default settings

(vertical datum, time zone, spatial reference, site comments) done

Add a new Method - done

Manage types for a method done

Add a new type (variable) done

Edit existing method done

Edit existing type done

Add a site - upload picture done

Edit an existing site done

change site comments, change site picture done

Add Data values done

Upload values from a CSV file done

Documentation on creating the CSV file done

Edit data values (access from view - site details - table) done

View Data (accessible to public)

View site details - show picture of site

View data plot (graph) - show two variables not done, out of scope or HydroServerLite specification


Create deployment and installation instructions - on the codeplex site done

Move configuration settings to a single configuration file done

Create script for populating an empty database with tables done

Test on multiple webhosting sites (Godaddy, free web hosting, hostgator) done

Integration with CUAHSI HIS

Page for registering at HIS Central - Add Documentation on help page done (

Page for updating HIS Central - Add Documentation on help page


      Support for international place names and UTF-8 character set done

Advanced Testing

Fix warnings and notices in code some warnings still exist

  Connecting with HydroDesktop and HIS Central done

Add Link on the help page
Web services API for data editing from HydroPad done

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